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Serving the
Kansas City Metro Area Missouri & Kansas

816 455-8787

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Our Inspections Are So Good, They're Guaranteed

At Holmes Inspection Company, we offer a simple, no fine print guarantee. We're not satisfied unless you are. Attend the inspection and if for any reason you're not satisfied with the "Quality" of the home inspection report, tell the Inspector before receiving your report and we'll either make it right, or you don't pay the home inspection fee!

Your satisfaction is important to us! We hope you will be impressed with our services and that you will refer all your friends and family to Holmes Inspection Company!

Our Exclusive Written Home Inspection Guarantee
For years home buyers and sellers have been asking home inspection companies for two things – accuracy and accountability. Only Holmes Inspection Company addresses both of these vital concerns through our exclusive written Inspection Guarantee!

Holmes Inspection Company provides a "limited structural and mechanical warranty" at no cost to the buyer or seller on "Whole House Inspections." This is intended to help the customer protect themselves against unexpected breakdowns or failures of specified mechanical and structural components.
Free 90-Day Warranty with the Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection*
Free 120-Day Warranty with the Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection*

On-Time Guarantee
We know how valuable your time is and so - If the home inspector is delayed for any reason, we will reduce your home inspection fee by $1.00 per minute (up to a $45 maximum) for every minute that he/she is delayed over 15 minutes!!

$50.00 Off A Second Inspection
If you end up not purchasing the first home we inspect, and we perform a 2nd inspection for you within 60 days with the same Realtor, we will take $50 off of our standard fee!!

* - Contact Our Office For More Details About Our Guarantee / Warranty!