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Serving the
Kansas City Metro Area Missouri & Kansas

816 455-8787

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Looking For A Home Inspector Outside The Kansas City Area?

Here are links to some inspectors in other parts of the country that we have been told are thorough, reliable inspectors that put the homebuyers interests first. We have also been told that these inspectors are not affiliated with any real estate company preferred vendor programs, to prevent a potential conflict of interest to their clients (the buyers). These links are provided solely for information and were deemed accurate when provided. However, a prudent and wise homebuyer will perform their own research.

Alabama Huntsville Area

Bill Loden www.insight-inspection.net


Colorado Denver Area

Garet Denise www.cornerstone-inspection.com


Florida Tampa Bay Area

Mark Cramer - www.besttampainspector.com


Florida Tallahassee Area

Larry Cerro www.homeinspect.com


Illinois Chicago Area

Kurt Mitenbuler www.chicagohomeprimer.com


Indiana Indianapolis Area

Scott Olson www.cardinalinspection.com


Kentucky Lexington / Louisville Area

Michael Green www.inspectorusa.com


Massachusetts Boston Area

Dennis Robitaille www.ablehomeinspection.com


Michigan South East Michigan

Mel Jacobs www.houseinspection.com


Mississippi Brandon & Jackson

Charlie Sessuns www.alphainspection.com


New Jersey Central

Peter Engle www.almosthome.com


New Jersey Northern

Michael Del Greco www.accurateinspections.com


Tennessee Nashville

Walter Jowers www.housesenseinc.com


Texas Austin

Paul MacLean www.newdayinspections.com


Texas Houston

Don Lawson www.best2inspect.com