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Serving the
Kansas City Metro Area Missouri & Kansas

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Why get a home inspection on a brand new home?  Isn't that just a waste of money?

All the homes shown in the photos on this page PASSED the code inspection

However, NONE of the defects depicted below MEETS code.

This house was complete and the city code inspector had given it the final approval. Our inspection discovered the furnace flue had not been connected. This could kill someone.

We went by the codes inspector on our way into the house. The house had “PASSED” the code inspection. For safety reasons, doors are not allowed to swing outward over a stairway.


Duh!! Maybe with a good running start …..… Is this a code issue or just plain common sense or the LACK of ?

Over 1/2 of the main support girder had been cut out where it meets the wall. The girder was splitting and the frame wall had tilt. The builder was a licensed engineer.


The house was 7 months old and had passed the city code inspections. There was no insulation anywhere in the attic. Their utility bills were sky high and they were always cold.

The metal flashing is going behind the wood siding and trim. There is no kickout or diverter flashing present. This is IMPROPER, and will channel water into the wall cavities


Glamour lights over a cabinet top and touching combustibles are a fire hazard, when not installed or protected properly.

They forgot the metal flashings over the window. This leads to moisture damage.


Installation requirements for electronic garage door opener eyes require they be no more than 6” above the floor to help protect small children, pets, etc.

The bathroom exhaust vent was not connected in the floor cavity. The moist air will not vent outside like it should but stop in the floor cavity breeding mold and moisture damage.


The bottom of the flashings should be on top of the shingles to shed water. They will leak the way they’re installed and allow water in the attic causing mold and water damage.

The metal flashing goes behind the Stucco. There is no kickout or diverter flashing present. This is BAD and is one of the most common reasons for leaks on stucco homes.


County inspections were complete on this DUPLEX. The “Firewall” at the garage ceiling separating the units was missing (this prevent a fire from going between units).

Sump pumps work best when there is an outlet to plug them in to. There wasn’t.


The owners was getting water leaks in the house. The vinyl siding was missing many fasteners at several wall sections on 3 sides of the home. When it rained hard ...

The house had “PASSED” the final code inspection. Our inspector felt that the girder should be supported by something more permanent than “STRUCTURAL AIR” that here.


Poor grading directs water toward the foundation. This keeps the soil soft and leads to movement and leakage. Soil is to slope away from the foundation at least 6” in 10’.

This was a $750,000 house that had “PASSED” the final code inspection. Flashings go under the siding – NOT on top of them (they let water get in the wall cavity this way)


Savvy homeowners will get an Inspection in the 11th month they own the house. That way if there are defects the Code Inspectors overlooked the owner still has time to get the builder to correct them under Warranty. See the next photo to the right...

The THE builder of this 1 year old house said the buyer was being way too PICKY. After all the main support girder was ALMOST on the concrete pier.

If the homeowner can’t get the builder to return calls or repair obvious defects while the house is still in warranty, what’s his chances once the warranty runs out. Another 11th month Inspection See the next photo for cut trusses in the attic.

Half a dozen truss supports had been removed for added storage. This type of alteration is ONLY allowed with an engineers design, seal and replacement supports. The builder had never got them – just chop / chop… Look folks you got more storage.