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Presented below is a listing of articles that have appeared in the print media that were authored by or feature Dan Bowers, senior inspector of Holmes Inspection Company.

NBC Action News (Channel 41) KSHB:

KSHB Investigators: Inspecting the Inspectors (Video: Requires Windows Media Player)
(New Construction & Code Inspections)

KCTV News 5:

Call for Action Report - How to Pick a Professional Home Inspector (Video: Requires Windows Media Player)

Kansas City Star:

Water damage repairs drain homeowners

Home Inspection Video (Requires Windows Media Player)

You aren't home free without an independent home inspection

Problems lurking behind bad stucco

Your house: Open up and say "ah"

Pre-sale inspection provides a competitive edge for seller

Home inspector tells how to take the stress out of cracks

Solving water in the basement


Inspections for a Brand New House - Are They Really Needed?

Sun Publications:

What you don't know about your new home can hurt you

Getting Ready for That Old Man Winter

NAHI Forms Local Chapter

Some Repairs Part of House-Buying

Realtor Report - Johnson County Board of REALTORS:

Preventative Maintenance Is The Key